Sister Sister, Never Knew How Much I'd Miss You



Open letter to all the little sisters getting left behind this August


So we're off again, or maybe this is the first time. You will soon watch our tail lights disappear down the drive way and we will watch you in our rearview mirrors with tears in our eyes. This is what we dread, but we know you dread it more. We get to head off to new places, make new friends and seek new adventures, but in the midst of the luster of newness, it is easy to forget that you got left behind. We take for granted how nice it is to have you around, and when you get that empty feeling, this is what we want you to remember. You are the best sister in the world, and no we are not bias. No matter the age-difference or the level of closeness, here are the facts that always remain true about us missing you.


We all wish we could stuff you in our bags and carry you back with us, introduce you to all of our friends, and watch the swoon at your cuteness.

We are going to miss the excess of Instagram likes on our pictures with you.


A little selfish, yes, but every picture of you gets double our average number of likes.


We will long for those sleepovers, cuddling up next to you, the Netflix binges, the Justice shopping trips and bossing someone around.


There will be no one to clean our rooms for us and we will have no one to spend all of our money on. We will miss this judgement free relationship where we can eat as much ice cream and watch as much TV as we want, with you still by our sides just trying to keep up.


We will yearn for having someone around who makes us feel so good about ourselves no matter what.


It's like we just cannot disappoint you no matter how hard we try.


We are going to miss your companionship and having someone always around to talk to so easily.


We can talk about anything and not even have to try. It is those relationships where we are who we are, that come so easy


Oh, the late night boy talk. Talking to you about the boys in our lives and in yours never gets old.


While your relationships are a little less complicated and more revolved around which boy told which friend that you were cute, the subject never grows dull. We love hearing the inside scoop on the playground gossip.


We will need you when our arguments with Mom and Dad intensify, and we need someone on our side.


Even when it is obvious that the situation is our fault, you always plead our cases. Somehow mom and dad always take it so much better from you, and your puppy-dog eyes are so much more powerful than ours.


You are always in our corner, and when college makes us unable to be in yours, remember this: we would not be where we are without you, and when you are where we are now, know that we will be your biggest cheerleader. We will have been there and we will be able to tell you all the in and outs. We will make you the college pro before you even get there. Take heart, little sis. One day you will get your turn, but until then we will be missing you!

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