June 8, 2015


If it were not for you and your early morning wakeup licks, barking that aggravates my neighbors, and constant need for attention, I would not have made it through two years of being away from home. As hard as I try, I cannot help but love you.



Thank you for being such a great running partner and motivating me to stay fit. All the people that see me dragging you down the road can attest to your endurance and inspiration for fellow dog-owners.


Thank you for sharing in my enthusiasm for Mondays -- unless you see a squirrel on a Monday, then that's a different story.



Thank you for so willingly tagging along on my adventures, and we've been on a lot of them. Yet, your hatred for the beach, hiking, mountain trips, car rides (I could keep going) has not wavered.


Thank you for being my source of joy during long nights and early mornings of stressful exam weeks and, yet, it's crazy how you can still be so enthusiastic at 5 a.m. every other morning, no matter what.


Thank you for keeping me active and energetic and exemplifying portion control, great posture, and impeccable manners.


Most of all, thank you for always making me smile.


You're great at chewing all my most expensive pairs of shoes, running as far away from me as possible when you get off your leash, and efficiently tackling elderly people. But, what you're best at is making me feel like the most loved dog owner in the world. I complain about you constantly, but the truth is that I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for greeting me each time like it's the first, bringing me countless friendships, never letting me oversleep, and teaching me about loyalty, responsibility and sacrifice.



Here's to you Zeke, and here's to all the times you made being away for college feel like home.

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