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Local's Guide to Not-So-Dirty Myrtle:

My obsession with Acai bowls is a very real thing. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that these outrageously expensive bowls are the cause for most of my previous financial troubles. My go-to during my years at Clemson was Southern Pressed Juicery- which is an obvious must-try for anyone in that area. But, the move to Myrtle Beach left me with little to no options when it comes to plant based snacking. Until I found Kindbelly...

This place is a hidden gem, a dream for healthy eaters, and a satisfying find for any lunch breaker. Located right off of Highway 17 is a veggie-covered parked food truck and Kindbelly nestled right behind. Walking in, you are greeted by the scents and sounds of fresh veggies being chopped and real culinary magic being performed in the kitchen.

Their menu yields options like the Green Goddess wrap- which is as green and goddess as it sounds, smoothies, fresh teas, salads, soups, and… acai bowls!

We asked for the local favorites which included the Green Goddess wrap, the Kitchen Sink Acai Bowl, straight from the tap Kombucha, and a side of black bean hummus and fresh veggies. Needless to say, we left stuffed and with my addiction was appeased.

Here’s what I’d say:

20170217_123051 (1).jpg

The Green Goddess was great! It succeeded in masking that really “green” taste that always prevents Zack from choosing the veggie-filled-options. I know ya’ll know that taste- the one when you add too many spinach leaves to a smoothie and it starts to taste like mushy gross greenness. Well, this wasn’t that. In fact, it was the total opposite, and it came with some kind of dip. Although I’m not exactly sure as to what the dip was, it was awesome!






The Acai bowl was everything I’ve been missing for these past two months. It was huge, as in we split it and still had leftovers. It was blended with Maca powder and topped with granola, bananas, berries, chia seeds, hemp hearts, bee pollen, peanut butter, and honey (aka a superfood overload).


I was so pumped about the Kombucha! It’s another item I haven’t really been able to find. So, finding a place that serves it from the tap was so exciting. There were several flavor options for us to choose from, and even bottled Kombucha for customers to leave with.


The setting is as great as the food. It is quaint and hidden, while also inviting and cozy. There are outdoor options, which, with this recent 70+ degree weather, we took full advantage of.

I think it goes without saying that I am obviously sold. And, since it is only a few miles from where I work, I’ll probably be spending most lunch breaks there.

You can find out more about KindBelly by following them here or check them out when you're in Myrtle Beach! 

Sabrina here with a joke:

What are the two states whose natives will always tell you where they’re from within the first five minutes of meeting them? Texas and...

Guess where I’m from?

After coming from a haven of delicious, healthful food that exists all over New York, to a “Would you like bacon with that?” culture, the adjustment has been challenging to say the least.  

And although I have not succumb to eating pork, finding good choices has been like finding a vegetarian option at Zaxby’s; non-existent.  (Although it came up on the “vegetarian options in Myrtle Beach” google search.


Enter Kindbelly.

My new haven for everything healthy with a delicious twist that leaves you full, satisfied and free of guilt.

For those who are conscious about where their food comes from; Kindbelly is for you.

Much of their produce comes from their own garden (in season).  They use local and regional farms so you’ll get served the freshest of foods. One of their local vendors, Worley Lane Farms, makes their goat cheese...yum.

Within a haven of organic options, here’s some of what  you’ll find:

  • Vegetarian Meals (Good Goddess Wrap)
  • Vegan Meals  (Naked Goddess Salad)

  • Kombucha (a concoction of epic, super-drink proportions)

  • Fresh Made Smoothies (Da Mango Unchained)

  • Kid’s Options (Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich)     

View the full menu here. 

Plus the daily specials of course! 


Between the friendly service, the rad artwork and comfy outdoor seating, Kindbelly is the trifecta of healthy culture that Myrtle Beach needs and I am so glad I can enter a restaurant that makes me feel at home.

Try it and let me know if you agree!