Seeking Grace in Life

His Mercy in the Mundane


Man have I just been feeling uninspired lately.

There is something so life-sucking about getting wrapped up in routine. To me, these past few weeks have been less about treasuring fresh breaths of air, and more about getting up, going to work, to the gym, back home, eating dinner, back to bed, and starting it all over again. It’s my focus on this monotonous routine that allows life to just pass me by and I miss the moments in the mundane. I miss the sunrises on my way to work. I miss the sunsets on my way home. I miss the ocean that I drive by. I miss the windows-down car rides.

I know there are these blessings in the midst of that mundane. There are opportunities for gratitude that I can still get up and provide for my family, that I can afford to eat a meal at the table, that I have friends who make those afternoons a little less routine. How blessed I am to have a “chill” life at the moment, a chance to catch my breath after the last few months.

Zack has always told anyone who will listen about how “adventurous” I am. He tells people about how I, “have no chill,” and hate sitting still. He talks about how he loves naps and I won’t let him. He complains that I use vacations to exhaust him rather than let him relax. While this is so true about me, I am learning in these moments of mundane, to find my joy not in adventure or thrill, but in being present in the chill.  

This is not to say I am not always searching for my next adventure and that you shouldn’t look towards the future in anticipation of what crazy thing God might do with you next. I only want to be real because there are moments we will all be a little bored here.

 Jenna Kutcher, one of my favorite bloggers says, “comparison is the thief of joy.” How real is that? Social media makes it look like we are always having the time of our lives. No one takes a picture of their empty office as they type away on email. No one documents these the mundane and minuscule moments. So, I’m just going to be real, because this is what I am doing a lot of these days.

My prayer lately has been for the Lord to focus my mind on His Mercy in these mundane moments. Because, while they seem to drag on and on, they are so fleeting and so peaceful.

I pray that He reminds me daily of the gift of life he has laid at my feet at he was laid in a tomb.

I pray that I take advantage of these peaceful days by the sea.

I pray that I am thankful.


I am thankful for this moment in my life. I am thankful for the chapter to recuperate, to love on Zack, to be with family, to breathe.

 ... no matter how boring it may sometimes be.


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