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Local's Guide to Not-So-Dirty Myrtle: Croissants Bistro & Bakery


With a mantra like this, I am not sure you can go wrong. And, I don’t know a place that embodies these three characteristics quite like Croissants does.

Croissants Bistro & Bakery is chic, and upscale yet affordable, making it a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Myrtle Beach. From the dim, natural lighting, to the drapes, decor, and spectacular art for sale, you’re almost in France for lunch.  

Just reading about each item on the menu makes makes your mouth water and the amazing desserts encased at the front ensure you that whatever you order is going to be as satisfying and delightful as it sounds.

What to get:

Since we had both just gotten off of a grain-free diet, we didn’t exactly strive for the same level of health-consciousness that we had at Kindbelly.

With that being said, we aimed for a sugar and grain- overload with the Banana Foster French toast. It was AMAZING to say the least. We not only devoured as much as we could stuff into our mouths, but I also took it home for Zack to try. It goes without saying that he was just as enamored as we were. 

We, mostly Sabrina, also devoured a Tri-Color Quinoa & Red Rice Burger served on a toasted challah bread bun with avocado, tomatoes, onions, and spinach with roasted red pepper ketchup.  And a mouthful it was.  

But we didn't stop there. We also each ate half an Egg Benedict. 


We tried several option here because a month without grains will do that to you. We got a brownie, cookie, and a cannoli to-go.

20170224_121315 (1).jpg


Regrettably, we didn’t take advantage of the many drink options, although the couple sitting next to us ordered a beautiful latte and made us wish we had. Many locals have expressed their love for the great coffee. So, obviously that makes for a great excuse to go back.

Staff and Environment:

We had Michael as our waiter and he was so great. The environment is fun and inviting with lights strewn above the outside seating and local paintings hung on the walls inside. However, as the waiter/waitress walks to your table with a plate full of French-inspired food, it isn’t the environment you will be thinking about. Their bakery, catering and specialty cake designs are an art to be judged by sight and palate.

Were we full? Yes. Yet, we regret nothing.  Honestly and surprisingly, after consuming all of that food, and a few bites of dessert, we felt satisfied and happy, not over stuffed and lethargic. For this satisfied and not guilty feeling, we owe a thanks to the renowned chef and the fresh ingredients.

We will be back to shamelessly eat an array of breakfast, lunch and dessert specials in one sitting. So, when you stop by and order something new, let us know, we'll have to try it.   

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Sabrina Dorfman moved from Brooklyn, New York to Myrtle Beach to attend Coastal Carolina University. Although she is about to graduate, she has no plans to leave the area. She loves healthy food and discovering new places. She is a beach frequenter and soon-to-be wife!