Seeking Grace in Life

Q&A: Was it Difficult Building/Finding Community in the "Real World"

Wow, short answer to this: Yes, very. The most difficult part, thus far, has been finding a church. I'd say we tried about 15 different churches before we found a place where we felt like we fit, which is a separate entire blog post in itself. We both left some incredible churches back in Spartanburg/Greenville and Charleston, and starting over was a tough but necessary step to take. Even now that we've found a church, we have not developed the same community we were surrounded by in college. Zack had incredible mentors and friends through Campus Outreach at CSU, and Clemson's FCA environment provided me with some of the most encouraging and supportive relationships I could have ever dreamed I'd have. And, while we both grew so much during that time in our lives, we depended on those relationships to help us grow in our faith. During these first few months of marriage, we have found that our walk has taken a much more personal route.

I've talked in earlier blogs about how each chapter in our lives yields an opportunity to learn and be grateful for something new. For me, this most recent chapter is teaching me to depend on the Lord first and His people second.

We are both praying that we find a community like the ones we left, but we are both so grateful for the community that still surrounds us all the way from Clemson and Charleston. And, the opportunity to know Him in a new way.