Seeking Grace in Life

Q&A: How Do You Balance Work and Life

I bunched quite a few different questions under this, like: "How do you find time to work out while working from 8-5?" "How do you stay in shape?" And, " How do you balance life and adventure?" 

When it comes to balance, I've never really been good at that. I've always been the all-or-nothing type- hence why I spend all my money the minute I have it, and why Zack and I watch entire seasons of Netflix series in one sitting. So it goes without saying, that I am definitely not doing this very well. Anyone who's had a conversation with me since starting my job has heard me whine about how I am tired all of the time. It's so crazy how an 8-5 job sucks the energy out of you faster than a twenty-one hour course load, part-time job, and a three-mile-afternoon run ever could.

While I haven't discovered the cure for the 5PM slug, I will share some strategies others have shared with me, and some ways I've found someways to combat the drain.


The first thing I looked for when we got down here was a good gym. I particularly wanted one that had supportive and encouraging staff. I took group fitness classes at several gyms and asked myself, "would these people make good friends?" I knew the accountability would motivate me to get workouts in. Although I haven't yet accomplished this, I also think getting up early and working out before work will help me stay dedicated and committed. Every time I move somewhere new, I always seek out other people who enjoy working out/eating healthy. Make them be your friends and they'll help you maintain the lifestyle. 

*Side note: You can make people be your friends, just follow them around all of the time and beg for them to hang out with you. It will either work, or they will think you're weird. 


 We catered our date nights to be more exercise oriented. Some dates have been runs on the beach- and by runs, I mean I run and Zack sits and watches me- and others are bike rides through neighboring shopping centers and to the beach. We also help challenge each other and hold each other accountable. We just started Whole 30- so stay tuned for how that is going!


Zack and I faced a serious uphill battle when we started buying cookies and ice cream every time we went to the grocery store. It was easy to indulge when it was so accessible. We have since overcome this challenge, but I know if I ever buy those cookies we will slip right back into the habit. We got a Costco Membership and stocked the fridge with greens and things that don't taste as good as cookies but are a whole lot better for us. 


I think the best way to combat the adulthood drab is to plan vacations that you can look forward to. For Zack and I, these have only been trips up to Spartanburg to see our families and to Charleston- because... see Zack's budget here. I was lucky enough to marry a man who wants to see the world as much as I do. And, because of this, he is also on the lookout for cheap Spirit flights. When we stumble upon a Spirit promotion, we will have money set aside, specifically for weekend getaways. 


I did gymnastics for a short time growing up, and could never conquer the balance beam. So, here's to conquering a this balance called life.