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In Faith

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow ​


Transition is hard, but each new chapter brings new light, new beauty, and a new day

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. So, I figured it's about time I catch up. I’m graduating in December, getting married about 15 days later, and then moving five hours away to Myrtle Beach. Anyone who knows me, knows that this coming transition is one that I have walked into quite begrudgingly. One, I have always been drawn to places with authentic genuine culture, and “Dirty” Myrtle, as some call it, is not one of those places. Two, my fiance, Zack, has been and will continue to be working insane hours (something like 85 hours a week). Which therefore, leaves me in a place I don’t really like, annoyed, lonely, and five hours from places and people I love. And, if you know me, you know I have been pretty vocal about my hesitation and disapproval of beginning our lives together here. Which I do admit, I regret. Because, in Psalms, I was reminded, "Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!"



He is so good that through thanksgiving, he turns our unpleasant circumstances into a blessing.  He makes all things beautiful


And, there is something beautiful that the Lord has showed me here. And I say here, because as I type this, I am lying on the beach here in Myrtle with 80 degree temps prompting me to sunbathe on my fall break. That in itself is pretty beautiful, if I may say so myself. But, back to my original point, Zack and I have gotten the opportunity to see the ocean at sunset on two separate occasions since I’ve been down here. And man, it is hard to call a place “dirty” when you see it in that kind of light. Last night was one of those nights. Zack got back from his game around 6, I put my dinner-making on pause, and we made the 1-mile trip to see the dimming light with the waves rushing to greet us. The pinks and purples that dance on the breaking waves are awe-inspiring. And, seeing the sun setting over the remnants of the pier that Hurricane Matthew left destroyed couldn't serve as a better reminder of the way He makes all things beautiful.


As we lay on our backs in the sand, I thought about the way the closing of each chapter of our lives is so similar to a sunset. Each day brings new joys, excitements and memories- things that chapters of our lives offer. Clemson has been this for me. It has been a period of personal growth, self-discovery, developing relationships, hard work and labor, investing in my future. But like any day, it is meeting its end. And still, what a beautiful opportunity to admire God’s work. I get to sit back and watch this chapter end with a dazzling portrayal of all the good God has brought me. While the end of the day bring the unavoidable darkness of night, it also brings promise of a sunrise coming and a new day on the horizon.


My time with friends, making crazy fun memories working in Clemson’s Football department, developing awesome relationships with professors and bosses, and spending quality time with my family being only an hour away, has been so thoroughly enjoyed. But, transition is coming. Darkness will ensue and there will be some lonely days ahead, some homesickness missing my parents and some arguments between Zack and I. I will miss seeing Katie Faith grow, I won't see my friends everyday, and I will miss these easy college days, but a new day is on the horizon.



I cannot wait to see the sun rise on the family Zack and I will become. I cannot wait to make new memories, to watch more sunsets, and to find adventure here in Myrtle. I cannot wait to see the treasures that come in the morning. But for now, you can catch me leaned back watching this incredible sunset.



His mercies are new each day.


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