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 My true identity is found at the cross, where a sinless man gave his life for me. I am a piece of a story that is much larger than the one I am living. I have a purpose much larger than one I could ever construct on my own. So, before I can introduce myself, let me tell you about He who has changed my life. It is in His presence that I find this grace that I am compelled to write about, and it is in Him that this life becomes an adventure.


If you stick around long enough, you'll get to encounter a prideful and stubborn sinner's trek into marriage. You will hear my stories of life as a coach's wife. You will witness true trailer park struggles (yes we are spending our first year in a mobile home). And you will learn of our sadness and joy in this move five hours away to Myrtle Beach, SC (aka Dirty Myrtle). All I can say, is buckle Up!


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